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Face Scrub

Skin & Beauty

30 Minute Facials

CLT Quick Peel

Gentle peel that brightens and exfoliates the skin.

30 min. $110

CLT Mini-Tria Wave 

Microcurrent machine to tighten and lift your skin, revealing an immediate lifted appearance.

30 min. $140

The CLT Mini Dermaplane Facial

Reveals a smoother, brighter and peach fuzz free complexion! 
30 min. $110

The CLT Mini-DD

Diamond Dermabrasion to remove unwanted dull skin revealing brighter, tighter skin.
30 min. $110

The CLT Booty Facial

This customized facial is targeting cellulite, circulation and smooth skin. 

40 min. $165

The CLT Back Facial 

This service is similar to a regular facial. Whether it be acne that needs to be targeted with extractions or the skin that needs hydration, this treatment will refresh the skin and prepare you to show off your back.

40 min. $165

The CLT Custom Signature Facial

One of our licensed estheticians will evaluate your skin to address individual skin concerns. This is a custom treatment. The esthetician will evaluate the client's skin and tailor the treatment to accomplish the client's goals. 

Options include:

Diamond Dermbrasion

Oxygen Therapy

LED Ultrasound

50-80 mins. $165+

The Clean Teen Facial

This facial is designed specifically to treat adolescent skin.

40 min. $125

The Tria Wave Facial 

Triawave administers electric currents to stimulate, tighten and lift facial muscle fibers. These currents will promote blood circulation and aid in the rejuvenation of your face’s underlying muscles to deliver an immediate lift and more timeless appearance.

80 min. $240

The Red Carpet Facial

The Red Carpet Facial uses 5 comprehensive steps to transform your skin and revive your complexion. 


80 min. $290


Lash Tint....................$30
Lash Lift..................... $95

Lash Lift & Tint........ $125
Brow Lamination......$125

Spray Tans


Facial Add Ons


Add dermaplaning to any facial for smoother skin, deeper product penetration and to remove soft facial hair that traps dirt and oils. Add on to a Facial for $85

Gentle Peels

The esthetician will assess what strength is necessary in order to achieve the results the client wants. $85

LED Microcurrent/Ultrasound

Penetrate product deeper into the Dermis while also tackling any skin conditions with this dynamic duo. Microcurrent technology sculpts, lifts and tones your facial muscles while LED Ultrasound aids in collagen production and soothes the most sensitive/reactive of skin complexions. $85

* Getting facials done regularly during each skin cycle (4-6 weeks apart) will promote a well-hydrated, clearer, and balanced complexion. Custom facial treatments boost collagen and visibly reduce fine lines, combining antioxidants and peptides that prevent the face, neck, and décolleté from pre-mature aging.

The CLT Method
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South Boston, MA 02127
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